Convenient for both you and your attendees.

Magnet's philosophy is about making the overall experience convenient for all involved. That is why we have developed a pricing model which is adapted for both you and your attendees.

Free up to 100 attendees per year

Firstly, Magnet is free for up to 100 attendees per year. For events larger than that you pay a fee for each attendee, a fee which you as ticket seller can incorporate into the cost of the ticket if you want to and transfer to the purchaser. If you do not sell all tickets that you have ordered, you can save them for your next event.

No mumbo jumbo

With Magnet you know how much your event will cost before you know exactly how many attendees are coming. If you choose to connect a payment solution such as Payex, Paypal or Billogram, they take a fee per sold ticket, but you can always keep track of the price with us. No mumbo jumbo.

An extra large event ...

Are you facing extra large events? No problem! With Magnet you can arrange larger events than the 20 000 attendees in the price list. Please contact for a quotation. Much welcome!


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