Magnet at a glance!

Create An Event

1. Create an event

Simple step to set up a sign up page

Using Magnet you will set up a sign up page within a few minutes, and can start taking registrations. On the image to the left you can see what the page looks like without content and design. Now you are all set to go. Make changes and add content by clicking different parts of the page directly.

Design Your Perfect Sign Up Page

2. Design your sign up page

Remember to follow your graphic identity

Magnet enables you to make creative, converting and stylish event pages. For example you can change colors, font, images, cover picture and background images as well as color and shape on your social media buttons.

Connect To Multiple Payment Gateways

3. Connect to payment solutions

Credit card, bill or free – your choice

What is most suitable for your business and the event of the day? For some it’s credit card, others prefer to handle the billing themselves and others might hold a seminar completely free of charge. Magnet got payment solutions ready to connect for you.

Total Administrive Control

4.  Administrate the event

Total control of sign-ups, payments and cancellations

On your admin page you can view everything around the event. How many tickets have been sold? What is the sells figure in total at the moment? Who has cancelled and who will show up?Who has checked in through the app and on computer?

Check In Guests With Our Smart App

5. Check in the guests

Use app on smartphone/tablet or laptop for check-in

Everything is updated in real time from the different units. You keep track off how many guests that has arrived and how many you are still waiting for.

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