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A straightforward event tool.

Magnet is an event tool that lets you create events and sell tickets entirely on your terms. It doesn’t matter if you want to invite people to a sports cup, a lecture or a rock concert; the tool is simple, pricing is clear and we will respond if you call and need help.

  • 1. Create an event

    Describe the event, add images and set the price of the ticket.

  • 2. Sell tickets

    Complete card payment and invoicing solutions.

  • 3. Manage the event

    Time-based sales, management of guest lists and booking functions.

  • 4. Welcome the guests

    Check-in guests via a mobile app. Start again!

Magnet - the ultimate event tool

Is your business focused on Event Management? Do you work as a event planner? Do you organize corporate events, seminars, lectures or themes of different kind? Is it time to sell match tickets, organize the summer's football school, the winter's hockey campaign or maybe this year´s cup?

Whatever the character of your event, Magnet is the tool for you! It's packed with simple and smart features that help you create fun and selling events pages, with minimal time. Additionally, it's great whether you're arranging larger events, such as concerts and sports gigs, or if you organize smaller events such as classes, this year's release party and shorter courses.

Magnet simply fits in all contexts where you invite customers, and other stakeholders, and need to receive guest notifications. And as well, it works if your event is free or for a fee, and you need to sell tickets.

Magnet at a glance!

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"Magnet is convenient and easy to manage. As our members can register or deregister for an event, we can conveniently administer our attendee lists. I see only benefits. "Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO The Stockholm Marketing Association .

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