5 ways to promote your event digitally
27 Sep 2016

5 ways to promote your event digitally

A Catch-22 situation arises when talking of marketing an event, and that is that the more money you spend on marketing, the less you can spend on the event itself. But if you do not market your event, how will you get people to go to it?

It is of course all about distributing and using resources in a smart and cost-effective way, and digital marketing is probably the smartest method you can choose for this - because with small means you can reach a large number of people and get a good ROI on your investment.

Here are a couple of smart and cost-effective marketing techniques for you to market your event digitally.

1. Attract visitors with social proof

One method that has been shown to work is known as "social proof". Get references, reviews and statements from participants who have previously attended - and use these in marketing along with aesthetically pleasing and attractive photographs.

Also, make sure that your event is on all social media, and that you push people to like your event there. It will spread to their circle of friends as a social proof and encourage them to read more about it because they see that a friend or acquaintance has liked it.

2. Harness the power of email marketing

Using email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways you can promote your event. Findings from research show that email generates up to 40 times more new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

Create a free account in Postman, Paloma’s tool for newsletters and customer communication, and start creating an invitation mail - you can reach hundreds and thousands of people before the end of the day. It doesn’t get cheaper than that.

3. Publish shareable material

When you produce content for your event and the description of it, remember that content is king. You need to share things that your followers will want to share.

Make sure you work strategically with what you publish and make use of content you think can be shareable. Interviews, images, video or perhaps some good fact lists or tips that may seem exciting to the target group you are working on.

If you can present your event to potential visitors in a sufficiently exciting way, they will share your post with their circle of friends, as it feels relevant. And it is relevance that can be the decisive factor in whether you will succeed or not.

4. Use retargeting

Working with retargeting involves directing digital advertising to people who have recently visited your event page. It is aimed at people who have visited your page and then left without carrying out a purchase, because you know there are great opportunities to get sales there. This is not the cheapest of the digital marketing methods, but you can be sure that it is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions. There are figures indicating that this investment pays for itself up to 6 times over in increased sales.

In order to really get the maximum effect, it usually pays to run this kind of marketing in a way that gets the visitor to feel a sense of urgency. Use communication which signals that there is “only X amount of hours left to book” or “just a few places” to motivate a quick purchase.

5. Create a selling event page

What do you do yourself to find out about an event? You probably start with Google, right? Even at this stage, you need to inspire potential participants to make a purchase, before they can be distracted by something else.

We have seen that people who first google their way to an event page often end up in Youtube or Google Images afterwards, and why do they do that? To find out more about the event, of course. They want to see videos or photos of previous events, speakers, guests, etc., to get a picture of what to expect.

Make it easy for visitors to your event page to remain by including all this on your landing page. Share photos, video clips or perhaps an Instagram feed from a specific hashtag. This minimizes the risk that the potential buyer will leave your event page and move on, which in itself ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. 


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