17 Nov 2015

Three tips to increase your ticket sales

Wouldn’t it have been nice if everyone that came to your event page purchased your tickets directly? Unfortunately, it is not always as simple as that. There is often some time and a sophisticated decision process involved in the purchase of a ticket that the distributor must understand in order to be able to offer the right tools to the buyer. Tools to make their decision easier.

Here we offer three tips on how you can increase your ticket sales on the web with a few simple tools and resources.

  1. Position yourself uniquely 
    It may sound like a cliché, but the positioning of your event can be the decisive factor in your ticket sales. You need to thoroughly research what else is happening on the date you have in mind for your event, and then provide something different from any other events.

    For example, if you are going to have a lecture on motivation, inspiration and leadership and see that there is another lecturer booked before you for that weekend, you will need to position your event to stand out. Check out the details of the other event. Is it going to be indoors? Offer an outdoor lecture in a lovely park instead and sell the idea. Feeling. The big picture. Go over the pricing. Is the other speaker charging less? In that case, you can use the opportunity to market your event as slightly more exclusive and upmarket. As a "premium event".
  1. Speed up the decision-making process using limited-time offers
    Use special offers to motivate quick ticket purchasing. Early Bird prices for booking a month in advance, discount codes with time limitations or other options which drive the purchaser to speed up their decision process and buy now. Immediately.

It is an excellent idea to offer better prices to those who order more tickets. It drives decision-makers and people with influence to speed up and indirectly pushes others to buy as well in order not to risk going alone.

Studies show that getting something "free” still works on consumers, so one option might be to offer a "Free VIP pass” to the first 20 or so buyers.

  1. A good event page

When there is a potential buyer on your website, you don’t want them to lose interest and click themselves away, do you? It is extremely important that you can provide a good event page that the visitor wants to stay on and where it is easy for them to navigate their way to a purchase. It is important to include answers to the following questions:

- What feeling will the event give me?
- Which speakers/artists/musicians will be there?
- How can the attendee get there and home again?

Use a combination of text, photographs and video to answer these questions in a good way.


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