01 Sep 2015

Six tips on how to make your event unique

When it comes to planning an event, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing what you have seen others do. It is simple and comfortable, and it is nice to think that what has worked for others will also work for you. But don’t bring yourself down by being a copycat. Instead, make sure you make your event unique to get a good position in the market.

At the end of the day, people are not actually paying for a ticket to an event. They are paying for an expected experience. And for you, as the planner of this experience, it is important to be aware of what expectations you have to meet. And of how you can attract your guests to an experience they have never before encountered.

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Here are six suggestions for how you can position your event.

  1. The perfect date
    Is there a romantic element to the evening? In that case, it may be a good idea to position the event as a perfect date for couples, whether they are in the dating stage or have a more committed relationship and are celebrating their anniversary, wedding day, or the like. This type of content is said to be particularly successful if the target group belongs to the millennial generation, but the dream of unique dating experiences covers most ages.
  2. Ladies’ night
    Selling your concept as a perfect night out for the girls can also be a good way to create positioning. Here you can also use discounted prices or special benefits for all girls in your ticket sales. A first result of your event will be to attract lots of women - but a side effect of this is that it will, of course, attract lots of single men who see their chance to come and mingle in this female-dominated event.
  3. Trip down memory lane
    Giving guests a nostalgic trip back to a particular decade, a special style of music or perhaps a particular interest is always a successful concept that works with all target groups, as long as it is a trip back to something they themselves have experienced and appreciated. If, for example, you know that you have a target group of people in their thirties, a theme with 80s and 90s music might be an idea.
  4. Weekend getaway
    If your event is not taking place in the heart of the city, it may be worthwhile portraying it as a perfect weekend getaway. Paint a picture of what an entire weekend of your event could be like, with nearby accommodations, restaurants, attractions, etc. When going on a trip, people usually like to have thorough planning, so you can help your guests make their decision by having all the options laid out for them. It’s not an event, but a whole weekend of exciting experiences!
  5. A culinary dining experience
    An event that contains an element of food & drink will always attract people. When planning your event, make sure that you make the food and drink offered an experience in itself. Consider hiring a well-known bartender or local food carts with a wide selection and include it all in the price of the ticket. Perhaps 3-taste tickets could give small servings from three food carts of the customers’ choice, so they could make up their meal themselves.
  6. Let the event be part of a series
    If you stage your events continuously, you need to produce a common thread that binds them together. Make your event a series that runs over the course of a year, where each event deals with a specific area. Alternatively, you can ensure that you hold the same event on a number of dates, so that attendees get the chance to choose a date that suits them. This increases the likelihood that more of those invited will attend.

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